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IBAGrads prepares its students for the DUHS test through MCAT (Medical Colleges Admission Test). This course is comprised of four subjects:


English, Biology, Chemistry and Physics


These subjects are the part of the admission test of major universities.

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The "BEST" Way to Prep


Looking for maximum score improvement, Full-Length Classroom Course is what you need. In IBAGRADS classes, the feeling is different. You're in a friendly, supportive place where everyone has same goal: to beat the test.


Our Teachers:

At IBAGRADS, we believe that teaching excellence is the key to student success. We hire only Instructors with superior academic profile and prior teaching experience. In addition, candidates who meet these requirements must go through a rigorous training program

The result is a team of stellar Instructors who are passionate about both teaching and the IBAGARDS method. Our instructors are experts at keeping their students interested and involved. They also know the unique IBAGRADS method inside-out. Student will have mastered all the strategies they will need to conquer the Tests. Our aim is to keep the students motivated. Hard work and Commitment can take you where you want to be without any difficulties. If others can do it, so can you!


Individual Attention:


Small, focused classes.

Were you ever in a class that was so big the teacher didn't even know your name? That will never happen in an IBAGRADS course. We limit each and every class to just 20 students. So you'll get the personal attention you need, and work at a pace that's right for you.

This is the point of differentiation of IBAGRADS. This helps the teachers point out the individual weaknesses of each student easily and allows them to attend to his individual problems separately. Similarly, small class size also makes it possible for the teacher to have each studentís improvement history on his finger tips.


Monthly Teacherís meeting:

We have a monthly Teacherís meeting of every single class in which the instructors of each subject analyze the performance of every single student and crate a progress report.







Individual studentís meetings:

Meetings with individual students are then held to discuss their weaknesses and mutual plan is devised to make sure that those weaknesses are rectified.

  • Parents-Teacher meeting:

Parents-Teacher meetings are held for students preparing for undergraduate admissions so that the parents are also kept inform of their childís performance.











Attendance Requirement:


Strategy that get results


At IBAGRADS, our courses are rigorous, focused and are designed to get results. Every classroom course at IBAGRADS has a specific attendance requirement that ensures that students study and do all the work with us- a must if they want to get admission in the program of their choice.


Extra classes:


Extra help when you need it.

Even with small, focused classes, sometimes it helps to have some extra time with the instructor. IBAGRADS teachers are available to meet with students outside the class, at no extra charge, to help them through the tough areas.


Materials that work for you.
Ask anyone who's taken our course: our course manuals are the best. Plus, you'll take a series of full-length practice tests so you can monitor your progress and get comfortable with the exam.











Model/ Grand Tests:

Grand tests are designed and conducted on the basis of the original admission test. These mock tests are organized to help students mentally prepare for the actual test and to track the progress of the student to see how much he has been able to improve and what more can be done. We also conduct the Original Past Admission Tests to give students better idea of what they are preparing for. Individual feedback is given to all students after every grand test.




Duration and Timings of the courses:








We offer classes every day of the week except for Fridays.

Please call us for class schedules or go to our calendar placed on our website




Test Preparatory Material for DUHS

IBAGrads provides its students the best material which has all the relevant content that allows them to hone their skills by practicing. Besides this material there are series of extra handouts and tests which are given and on the regular basis.


Opt To Study At Home:

IBAGRADS has also helped many students throughout Pakistan achieve their academic goals through its self-study Testprep Material.

Developed by the experts at IBAGRADS, Testprep Material offers unique opportunity to prepare at home or any location under the online guidance of admission test experts. IBAGRADSí Material is not just about books and CDís itís about continuous guidance and assistance that one needs at different stages of Admission Test Preparation.

IBAGRADS provides you with a material developed by experts which has all the relevant content that allows you to hone your skills by first learning and understanding difficult concepts easily and then practicing questions thoroughly to test your learning. Besides this material, there are series of extra handouts and tests which are given to students on a regular basis.

Testprep Material is the best option for you ifÖ..

The Highest-Quality Testprep Material is Only a Call Away!

Testprep Material Component & Online Services

You want a complete test preparation but prefer to learn entirely at your own pace.

You want to study at your own place/home.

You are self-motivated and can progress through the material on your own without established deadlines

Your schedule demands flexibility

You for any reason canít join the classroom courses

You have at least one month to prepare before taking the test

Our Testprep Material give you comprehensive test preparation you expect from IBAGRADS in a convenient format that works around your schedule and your needs.

Prepare whenever and wherever you want with extensive, self-directed lessons, practice tests, drills, study materials, and moreÖ

Comprehensive updated course material includes learning notes, tricks and explanations, practice questions and their solutions.

Regular Testprep material updates till test day.

4-Full Length Practice Test based on the actual test held during last two years.[1]

FREE interview preparation once you clear the test

Free Extra help whenever you need it through our email assistance program. Just email us your query & you will get a reply within 48 hrs.

[1]Full-Length Model Tests: Every test has a different structure and dynamics and thus requires a unique approach. You can only master the test by solving the test in real timings and actual format.

IBAGRADS model tests will solve that mystery for you. Our tests have questions closely similar to those asked in actual NUST tests and the time of each section is also the same as that allowed in NUST test for that section. We have ensured to the best of our ability and research that the students taking our model tests exactly feel the actual NUST test.

Moreover, you will get an expert analysis once you have emailed us your score sheet.


Following books are included in our DUHS Material:


Verbal Material (Basic & Work Book)

Rs: 1250/-


Biology Material (Basic & Work Book)

Rs: 1250/-


Physics Material (Basic & Work Book)

Rs: 1250/-


Chemistry Material (Basic & Work Book)

Rs: 1250/-


4 Full-Length Tests

Rs: 1000/-


Complete Material

Rs: 6000/-



* The above given cost of testprep material is only for Karachi. Additional Rs. 500 will be charged for out of Karachi.