About GMAT

The GMAT exam is the assessment for graduate business school candidates—it was designed by business schools to measure the skills required by graduate business students to succeed in the challenging curriculum. It is a computer-adaptive exam (CAT) that assesses Verbal, Quantitative, and Analytical Writing skills developed by a candidate over time.


Who takes the test

GMAT is typically taken by candidates who have an undergraduate degree and some work experience. However, in case of business schools, such as, those of INSEAD, Cambridge and Oxford, to name a few, where undergraduate degree is not a necessary pre-requisite for the MBA program, candidates without an undergraduate degree also take the GMAT exam.


Which programs require GMAT

Individuals applying for admission to MBA, other Graduate Management Programs and Masters/Graduate level degrees in selected fields of Marketing, Business, Finance and Economics are required to take the GMAT exam. Almost all major business schools around the world require applicants to submit their GMAT scores along with essays, interviews and academic and employment records as part of admission applications.


When can you take the test

The GMAT exam can usually be taken throughout the year but one should check www.MBA.com to see available test dates in their city. In Pakistan, GMAT is conducted in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. Test registration is done online.