IBAGRADS helps students and parents deal responsibly with the increasingly competitive and complex process of admissions to colleges and business school.

Our institute manages its business mainly through Test Preparation Services and Admissions Services.

Test Preparation Services

IBAGRADS classroom courses and tutors are the most personal and effective ways that you can prepare for business school admission test and the standardized admissions tests such as the SAT, GRE, and GMAT. In order to help students get admission to prestigious business school and colleges IBAGRADS offers you Full-Length courses, Crash Courses and Strategy Sessions throughout the academic calendar.

IBAGRADS also offers Admission Test Preparation through its Testprep Material.

IBAGRADS has also helped many students throughout Pakistan achieve their academic goals through its Testprep Material. Developed by the experts at IBAGRADS, Testprep Material offers unique opportunity to prepare at home in any location under the guidance of admission test experts. IBAGRADS Material is not just about books and CD's it's about continuous guidance and assistance that one needs at different stages of Admission Test Preparation.
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Admissions Services

The Admissions Services are designed to help students and parents know the relevant and updated information about various stages of College and Business School Admissions. It provides high school, college, and graduate students with the most comprehensive resources to help them make the right educational and career decisions.

Frequent Information Seminars are conducted throughout the year to help students and parents know what they must know to develop effective career plans, carry out specific activities and achieve the targeted results.
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XI-XII COACHING PROGRAM____________________________________________________
Afordable Quality Education
- Complete course coverage.                                   
- Notes available according to new syllabus.
- Well furnished air-conditioned class rooms.                
- Career counselling for University Admissions.
- Small Groups; on average 20 students in a class.       
- Midterm and Annual Test on actual pattern of board.
- Regular, weekly and monthly tests to track the progress of students.
- Parents teacher meetings to evaluate the performance of students.

If you believe that we can help you in any kind or you're confused on what to do and how, give us a call. We will arrange an appointment for you with one of our counselors.