SZABIST Fee Structures



Pakistan Nationals
in PKR

Foreign Nationals
in US $

Admission Test Fee for Bachelors / Masters / EMBA 1,500 45
Admission Fee for Bachelors / Masters / EMBA
Admission Fee (payable once)
20,000 500

Security Deposit for Bachelors / Masters / EMBA (refundable)

5,000 165

Student activity fee

1000 30
Tuition Fee for BBA 90,000/semester 2,070/semester
Tuition Fee for BS (Computing) 80,000/semester 1,840/semester
Bachelor of Media Science Program 126,000/semester 2,880/semester
BS (Social Sciences) Program 90,000/semester 2,070/semester
BS (Biosciences) Program 72,000/semester 1,650/semster

B.E (Mechatronic) Program

72,960/semester 1,680/semester


69,600/semester 1,380/semester
Tuition Fee for MBA 1.5 Years (36 Credit Hours) (Cont.) (Day/Eve) 72,000/semester 1,680/semester
Tuition Fee for MBA 2-2.5 Years (72 Credit Hours) - Day Program 108,000/semester 2,430/semester
Tuition Fee for MBA 3-3.5 Years (90 Credit Hours) (Day/Eve) 90,000/semester 2,430/semester

MBA (Banking & Finance) (72 Credit Hours)

108,000/semester 2,340/semester

Master in Project Management (33 Credit Hours)

72,000/semester  1,620/semester

MS (Management Sciences)

72,000/semester  1,740/semester 

PhD (Management Sciences)

76,200/semester  1,740/semester 

MS (Computer Science)

 57,150/semester 1,305/semester 

PhD (Computing)

57,150/semester  1,260/semester 

MS (Social Sciences)

72,600/semester  1,680/semester 

PhD (Social Sciences)

 57,150/semester 1,305/semester 

Master of Television Production / Advertizing (36 Credit Hours)

87,600/semester  2,100/semester 

MS (Media Sciences)

 65,700/semester 1,575/semester 




Up to 100% tuition fee wavier is available to needy and meritorious continuing students.