GIK Fee Structures

The Institute is a non-profit organization and provides subsidized education. The annual tuition fee (non-refundable), subject to revision from time to time, is as under for the 4 years for local residents and sons/daughters of expatriate Pakistanis.



For BS Program in Engineering and Computer Science

For BS Management Science program only

Academic year 2017- 2018              Rs. 550,000/- Rs. 505,000/-
Academic year 2018- 2019              Rs. 600,000/- Rs. 550,000/-
Academic year 2019- 2020              Rs. 655,000/- Rs. 600,000/-




 Fee Summary


Annual Fees (Non-refundable, Tuition + Lodging Charges)              Rs. 505,000
Foreign students (Non-refundable, Tuition + Lodging Charges)              US $ 7500
Security Fees (Refundable)              Rs. 25,000
Admission Fees (Non-refundable) for Pakistani students              Rs. 58,000
Admission Fees (Non-refundable) for foreign students                US $ 650


Financial Aid and Scholarships are also available for deserving students.



* Total fee for the first time would be Rs. 345,000 which comprises of Tuition fee of Rs.300,000 , refundable security deposit of Rs. 20,000 and Admission fee of Rs. 25,000