KMDC Fee Structures


Tution Fees

MBBS Rs. 7,920
BDS Rs. 14, 900


(For Academic Session 2015-2016)

Entrance Form & Prospectus    Rs. 2,500 



Fee for Merit Students


Admission Fee                                   Rs. 20,000
Tuition Fee (Per Year) Rs. 300,000 
Social & Sports Fee Discontinue
Transport (Optional) Rs. 12,000
KMDC Registration Fee Rs. 3,000
College Card fee Rs. 150


Fee for Self Finance Students


Admission Fee                                 Rs. 20,000 
Tuition Fee (Per Year) Rs. 385,000
Transport (Optional) Rs. 12,000


Fee for Overseas/Foreigner Students


 Admission Fee                              US$ 500 
Overseas US$ 6,500
Foreigners US$ 12,000
Transport (Optional) Rs. 12,000



1. Income Tax 5% or as per Government Policy will also received from students foreigners/overseas and

    self finance

2. 10% of fee will aslo be increased every year on above all fees.