Importance of SAT Scores

Why You Should Take the SAT

The SAT is the nation's most widely used college admissions test, a distinction that it has held for more than seven decades. The SAT is taken by more than two million students every year and is accepted by virtually all colleges and universities.

The SAT measures knowledge of subjects learned in the classroom, including reading, writing, and math, and how well you can apply that knowledge outside of the classroom. The SAT helps colleges get to know you better by giving them insight into how you think, solve problems, and communicate.

Is it better to appear in SAT more than once?

Yes, usually your score improves from one attempt to another. If you have some good days of preparation its better to gave it twice especially for students applying in university with a compulsory SAT requirement

Importance of SAT

  • A good score is a must for students applying in foreign universities.
  • A good score can help you earn scholarships and financial aid in local and foreign universities.
  • It is a widely held belief and our experience also indicates that if you do well on SAT you will also do well on the aptitude tests of local universities.