CBM Fee Structures

CBM/IoBM operates on a self-financing basis as a non-profit institution. All students are required to pay a one-time CAUTION MONEY of Rs. 15,000/- which is refundable only upon graduation (non refundable in case a student does not complete the required program) within a period of one year from the date of convocation (degree awarding ceremony). The fee structure for various degree programs, per semester, is as follows:



Bachelor's Programs

Master's Programs

Master's Program (Exe. & Weekend)

Registration Fee** 10,000 10,000 7,000
Tuition Fee (Per Course) 13,900 15,000 15,000

Tuition Fee
(Per Semester)

Full Load***
83,400 90,000 60,000
Total Fee
(Per Semester)
93,400 100,000 67,000




* Subject to Change ** Non refundable and non transferable *** Six courses for regular,for courses for weekend/evening

   programs and three courses for MS/Phil pr Phd Programs


The summer session fee is charged on a per credit hour basis. Convocation fee of Rs. 12,500 is charged on completion of the degree program, inclusive of degree charges of Rs. 4,000. MBA executive and weekend students, planning to take less than a full load, would be charged registration and tuition accordingly. However,

the refundable caution money will remain the same.