Can we appeal for review of the financial assistance decision?
No appeals shall be entertained against the decision taken at the first stage.
What's the effect of the physical verification?
The percentage of the financial aid can be increased, decreased or remain the same on the basis of the finding of the physical verification.
What is meant by Physical Verification?
The officials of the Financial Aid Office physically verify the credential / facts provided by the student applying for financial aid at the time of admission.
Is every one eligible for the financial assistance?

No, only students whose families do not have enough resources to finance education at LUMS are eligible.

Can we apply for the financial aid during the semester?
Only those students' whose financial situation changes drastically due to unforeseen circumstances can apply for financial assistance during the semester.
Please explain the criteria of awarding financial assistance?

The Financial Aid department assesses the financial need of the students and determines whether or not the students and their families have adequate resources to finance education at LUMS.


Following is the list of the documents required for applying for financial aid:


  • Salary certificate (or pension slip) of all earning family members
  • Bank statements for last year of all family members having an account
  • Income tax returns of all earning family members for last year
  • Fee bill and any concession document from the last institution attended by the candidate
  • Utility bills covering electricity, gas, telephone and water
  • Saving certificates, bonds, shares, investments, CDC account statement (if applicable)
  • Property ownership documents, including agricultural land, plots and houses (if applicable)
  • Rental lease agreement (if applicable)
  • Loan document(s), including credit card bills and bank loan statements (if applicable)
  • Medical bills/expenditure related documents (if applicable)
  • Fee concession (scholarship/loan) document(s) of sibling(s) (if applicable)
  • Wealth statement for all family members for last year (if available)
  • Candidate’s domicile certificate (if available)
  • Candidates passport (if available)
  • Any other document(s) demonstrating financial need
How many types of Financial Assistance is offered?

There are three types of financial assistance offered by LUMS:


Merit Scholarship

This scholarship covers full tuition fee for one year and is awarded to the top three students based on academic performance during the year.


Need Based Scholarship / Financial Aid

This is a need base scholarship provided only to undergraduate students.


LUMS Loans

This is a need based interest free loan provided only to graduate students.

What is meant by Financial Aid?
Financial aid is purely a need based scholarship programme that depends entirely upon the need of the applicant