How is SAT Scored?

Each section of your SAT (critical reading, mathematics and writing) will be scored on a 200- to 800-point scale, for a total of 2400. You’ll also get two “subscores” on the writing section: a multiple-choice score from 20 to 80, and an essay score from 2 to 12.

But how do you get these scores? Two steps happen before you see a final score.

First, collegeboard figures out your raw score by:


• Adding points for correct answers (1 point for each correct answer)

• Subtracting a fraction of a point for wrong answers (-1/4 for each wrong answer)


Remember: Questions that you skipped don’t count either for or against your score, and points aren’t taken away for wrong answers on the math questions where you needed to enter the answer into a grid.


Then they take your raw score and turn it into a scaled score. This is where the score of 200–800 points comes from.


When do I get the result

You can view your score report online between 15 to 20 days after you took the test. Your official score report will be provided to you and your high schooll, if you included the code, about five weeks after the test. Students who register online and wish to receive a paper score report by mail in addition to the online score report must request it when they register. Students who register by mail and who do not have active College Board online accounts will continue to receive paper score reports.


How long after the test can I use my scores?

SAT scores are valid for five years after the testing year in which you tested.


Can I cancel my scores?

Yes. If you finish the test and think you may want to cancel your scores, you should ask the test supervisor for a "Request to Cancel Test Scores" form. You may submit the completed form immediately at the testing center, or you can think about it for a day or two before mailing it to ETS. However, ETS must receive your request form no later than the Wednesday after the test.