LUMS Fee Structures


Fee Structure For BSc Hons. (Fall 2017-18)


The following fee structure is applicable for students paying full tuition fees. LUMS is proud to offer generous financial assistance to qualifying students, which ranges from partial to full coverage of tuition and living costs.


Tuition Fees

FeePakistan Rupees
Cost per credit hour (Undergraduate)
24,300 per credit hour
Cost per credit hour (Graduate)
22,600 per credit hour
Undergraduate full time (12-20 credit hours)
291,600 per semester
Graduate (6 credit hours)
135,600 per semester
MBA Tuition Fee (per semester)
385,850 per semester
EMBA Tuition Fee (per semester)
360,250 per semester 


Other Fees

FeePakistan Rupees
Admission Fee (Undergraduate programmes)
67,900 onetime charge
Admission Fee (Graduate programmes)
63,000 onetime charge
Registration Fee - Undergraduate programmes (per semester)
21,650 per semester
Registration Fee - Graduate programmes (per semester)
20,100 per semester
Security Deposit (Refundable)
18,500 one time charge
Lab Charges per semester (SBASSE undergraduate programmes only)
56,050 per semester
MBA/EMBA Admission Fee (one time charge)
78,600 onetime charge
MBA/EMBA Registration Fee (per semester)
18,000 onetime charge
MBA SOP Charges (one time charge)
19,200 onetime charge
MBA Reading Material (per semester)
17,750 per semester
EMBA Reading Material (per semester)
24,750 per semester
Smart Card Charges (one time charge)
950 onetime charge



Hostel Fees

FeePakistan Rupees
Hostel Charges (per semester)
26,250 per semester
Hostel Registration Fee (per year)
1,600 per year
Hostel Security (Refundable)
13,000 one time charge
Laundry Charges
3,000 per semester


Admission Application Related Fees

FeePakistan Rupees
Application Processing Fee (MBA/EMBA/PhD Management)
4,700 per programme
Application Processing Fee (SBASSE MS/PhD Programmes) 950 per programme
SBASSE Undergraduate Admission Test  Fee







1.  Tuition fee will depend on the number of credit hours taken in a year. The above mentioned annual tuition fee covers the cost of 12 to 20 credit hours per semester
2.  Students will be responsible for buying their own books and other reading material. Estimated expenses in this connection are PKR 450-550 per credit
3.  The University reserves the right to change its fee at any time without prior notice