What Students say about IBAGrads

Syed M.Abdullah, NUST 2013

I had an ultimate energizing and a pure teaching experience.


Syed M.Abdullah

NUST 2013

Khoula Ahmed, DUHS

Preparation for MCAT at IBAGRADS is an incredible life experience.

IBAGRADS is truly an exceptional institute helping students to attain thier. goals.

All the teachers are really dedicated in helping students to reach their maximum potential. Separate classes for girls worked well for me. I have learned valuable ways to continue improving my capabilities.

4 months of hard struggle at IBAGRADS helped me securing my admission at DUHS University.

IBAGRADS is a gateway to my future.


Khoula Ahmed

St. Joseph College

Sibtain Ahmed Khan, Position Holder, IBA BBA 2014

IBAGRADS, truly a Gateway to one’s illustrious future if one has the burning passion in him.

Sibtain Ahmed Khan

Secured 2nd Position in IBA BBA (Round-I) test 09-Mar-14