What IBA Students say about IBAGrads

Eesha Jawed 2018

IBAGRADS is the perfect institute for students likeme who require just a push. The plan is well structred and the teachers are well aware of what  wxactly needs to be taught. They do not over burden you with excessive, meaningless material, in fact they give just enough to get you where you want to go. All you need is to attend all classes, listen to instructions and you are good to go.



IBA Round I (ACF)

Sana Zafar 1st position in IBA BBA 2016

I’m really glad I decided to join IBAgrads. The teachers are qualified and know exactly how to prepare for the test so they teach accordingly. They answer each and everyone's questions and are extremely helpful and cooperative. The class environment is very friendly which makes learning easy. Overall, its a great place and if you listen to your teachers and follow their instructions, getting into your desired institution is not a challenge at all!. 

Sana Zafar 

1st Position

IBA 2016

Ashar Akmal IBA 2016

Studying at IBAGRADS was a great experience. All the teachers and staff members are very much supportive. The content taught was very much relevant to what came in the test and what was asked in the interveiw. 


Ashar Akmal 

IBA 2016

Muhammad Zohair 1st Position in IBA BBA 2015

Everyone has the ability to achieve beyond their expectations. All you need is a spark to ignite that ability. To me, IBAGRADS provided that spark. The tireless efforts of my teachers, cooperative nature of the management and the health competition provided by my classmates, all contributed in achieving what i thought was not possible on my first day at IBAGRADS. 

Muhammad Zohair 

1st Position

IBA 2015



Syed Ismail Ali, IBA 2015

My experience with IBAGRADS was quite good. Teachers are really awesome here. They guide you, help you and even rant you if needed. Staff is very cooperative. I think IABGRADS is your gateway to desired future. The only think you need to do is persistent hard work with the burning passion to achieve somthing.  

Syed Ismail Ali 

IBA 2015

Salman Hussain 2015

My Name is Salma Hussain and i am a student of IBAGRADS. I've had a very  good experience studying in IBAGRADS. In here only hard workers  survive and those  who work  as told reach their destinations. I worked hard and now i have cleared IBA entry test. Thanks IBAGRADS for the help in my achievement. 


Salman Hussain 

IBA 2015

Nazia Khan, IBA 2013

I selected IBAGRADS for my IBA's test preparation because it is well known and many people recommended me this place. It is famous for its discipline and the kind of study related atmosphere they provid. Studying here was a woderful experience and every positive thing that I heard came to be true.

Alhamdulillah, the way all my teachers taught with devotion was one of the biggest reason why I was able to become an IBA student. Teachers here give individual attention to every student and try their best to improve the area in which the student lacks. Last but not the least, the best part is that not a single teacher minds no matter how many times one asks questions. This helps in complete understading and grasping of concepts.

According to my view, IBAGRADS is doing its best to help students achieve their destiny and needs in improvement from any aspect.


Nazia Khan


Syed Hamza Ahmed Bukhari, IBA BBA 2014

IBAGRAD, no doubls, is the gateway to your desired future...

It give you all for which you are looking for...

If you have that burning desire and passion then IBAGRADS is the most prominent and promising place for you to crystallize your desire. IBAGRADS is the platform for you to groom and enhance your skills.

Taking admission in IBAGRADS was one of the best decision of my life.


Syed Hamza Ahmed Bukhari

IBA BBA 2014

Zunairah Qureshi, IBA BBA 2014

IBAGRADS truly provides you the pathway to your desired future , motivates you towards hardwork and helps you to unturn every stone to show your dreams the light of reality, the only condition put forward by IBAGRADS is your true dedication and ceaseless efforts.


Zunairah Qureshi

IBA BBA 2014

Ahmed Ali, IBA 2014

In simple my experience at IBAGRADS was great. Without its help, cooperation, support and hard work it was almost impossible for me to get admission into IBA. The faculty and administration both are extremely sincere and helping for all students . I will give my 80% credits for getting into IBA to IBAgrades. Its not a tuition center it’s more like a family. 


Ahmed Ali
Got admission in IBA-BBA 09th March Test 2014

Syed Arfeen Ausaf, IBA BBA 2014

IBAGRADS offers a great platform for students like me to learn, develop or polish their skills and build an aptitude for the great institutes like IBA.

I joined their aptitude course in October 2013 and found it very much personalized while developing a one-on-one relationship with the faculty. They have immensely talented faculty that not only teaches but also grooms one's personality in a positive way.

IBAGRADS is a perfect place for those who not only aim high but also wants to achieve that as well.


Syed Arfeen Ausaf

Got admission in IBA BBA (Round-I) 2014

Sibtain Ahmed Khan, Position Holder, IBA BBA 2014

IBAGRADS, truly a Gateway to one’s illustrious future if one has the burning passion in him.

Sibtain Ahmed Khan

Secured 2nd Position in IBA BBA (Round-I) test 09-Mar-14

Maryam Tariq, Material Student, IBA BS ACF 2014

To get admission into IBA, I needed just the right amount of guidance, which was well provided by IBAGRADS. The material, grand tests, email communication, help and facilitation, all were extremely fruitful and helped me get into the university I wanted.


Maryam Tariq
IBAGRADS Material Student
Got admission in IBA BS ACF 2014

Salman Rashid, MBA/IBA

“During my stay at IBAGRADS, I appreciated being taught by thoes who had got the real experience to face the challenges required at IBA. IBAGrads offeres a great environment where hard work is put into practice. This allowed me to learn, to listen and to exchange ideas. What's more… the association with it gave me contacts that will go beyond my studies.”


Salman Rashid, MBA-IBA

IBAGrads Alumnus, 2005.

Shahbaz Nadir, BBA/IBA

By enabling me to obtain top notch education, IBA Grads has impacted my life in ways I did not imagine when I was studying there.


12th grade is a very formative stage in a youth’s life, and good guidance in university admissions can become instrumental to a successful career in the future. When I started my tuition, I did not have much idea about aptitude tests. However, through the test taking strategies, math shortcuts, and cleverly designed curriculum I learned at IBA Grads, I was Alhamdolilah able to secure admission at both IBA and LUMS. Not only that, but it has also greatly assisted me in my job selection and MBA admission tests.


The things that make IBA Grads standout are its hardworking teachers, low student-to-teacher ratio, genuine administration and the values driven environment. All these factors made my 40 km commute to IBA Grads worth it, and most importantly, resulted in a 50% scholarship throughout my 4 year program due to a high merit in the test!


It has now been some time that I have completed my BBA and I can now much better relate to the advantages of a good education. Sure enough, IBA Grads played a critical role in my case.


Shahbaz Nadir,

IBA, BBA Class of 2010

Umair Jalil, BBA/IBA

Getting into IBA was a dream for me because I was quite weak in quantitative skills. While I was still in my 1st Year, I knew that if I wanted to go to IBA, I had to start my preparation much earlier. I took admission in IBAGRADS because it is a boys-only institute, which means a place free of distractions. My teachers made it very clear to me right in the beginning that 2nd year result doesn’t matter a lot and that if I wished to go to IBA I had to accord due priority to test preparation. I took four months gap from my 2nd Year studies and put all my efforts into IBA test preparation. Then, in the last two months I studied for inter and managed to secure 79% in commerce. Now it is a tag of honor for me to be a part of IBA, one of the most prestigious institutes of Pakistan.

Muhammad Umair Jalil.

IBA BBA class of 2014

Mustufa Sheikh - IBA

I gave IBAGRADS 2 months, and they showed me the way to IBA. Through the coaching, mentoring and guidance during these two months, I learned to secure best scores in the IBA admission test. At IBAGRADS, I discovered a new way to solve aptitude tests by gradually sharpening my cognitive skills.


Mustufa Sheikh



Mustufa Sheikh - IBA

I gave IBAGRADS 2 months, and they showed me the way to IBA. Through the coaching, mentoring and guidance during these two months, I learned to secure best scores in the IBA admission test. At IBAGRADS, I discovered a new way to solve aptitude tests by gradually sharpening my cognitive skills.


Mustufa Sheikh


Adil Tanveer - IBA

My experience at IBAGRADS was excellent. Life at Grads is tough, you are made to work very hard from the first day. Initially one finds it difficult but as time progresses he understands the importance. Many students don't take the course seriously early on, lag behind and never recover. The key to my success was hours and hours of studying daily, completing my assignments on time and respecting the teachers. My course mates also helped me a lot and the competition among us was healthy throughout.

The maths section of entry test was the toughest in the history of IBA, but the advices and experiences shared by the Grads team guided me to clear the test. All in all my time at IBAGRADS will be cherished and remembered more than my time spent at IBA.



Adil Tanveer


Shah Mohammad Azhar - IBA/ M.S Eco

I only had one month left for my admission test for the IBA MS Economics program. I wanted to get into IBA,  and I knew that time was a big constraint for test preparation. I approached my old friend (who was my teacher at IBAGRADS later) and had a heart to heart with him regarding the issue. He, along with his team of professionals took it as a challenge to prepare me for the test. And I joined IBAGRADS the very next day for a crash course without giving a second thought. And to this day, I feel proud for my stark and timely decision. I must say, that the teachers at IBAGRADS know their job very well and the form of preparation you get from them; from time management to vocabulary building and from tricks to interview preparation , is wondrous. I wish them the best for their future endevours.


Shah Mohammad Azhar

MS Economics


Unknown, IBA

Devotion to an objective and complete dedication to a cause is the most important thing I have learned from IBAGRADS. The institute gave me the strength to overcome my weaknesses. The motivation and the level of commitment of the teachers in the institute pushed me to go an extra mile and achieve better scores. Moreover, the accuracy of feedback which was given regularly, provided guidelines that helped me overcome my weaknesses. I was a below average student when I came to IBAGRADS and now I am an IBA graduate. All of this was due to the wish of the Almighty Allah and the effort of my teachers.


Unknown, IBA

M. Hasan Amir, BBA/IBA

IBA Grads has helped me in stretching my limits, discovering and channelizing my potentials on the tight track for personal and professional dynamic excellence.

M. Hasan Amir