What LUMS Students say about IBAGrads

Shan e Ahmed - LUMS

Getting into one of the most prestigious business schools like LUMS seemed to be a distant dream. IBAGrads holds credit for turning it into reality for me. I now realize the diligent effort that the teachers at IBAGrads put in to make me succeed; from the tests to grand tests to vocabulary quizes and extra hours put in by the teachers, all helped me in paving a sound and secure path for me to LUMS.


IBAGrads helped me not only in studies but also in the application process by bringing current students of LUMS to guide us in different steps like choosing the majors. IBAGrads continued to help me even after I reached LUMS. In the early days while I was still adjusting in the new environment far from home where home-sickness had caught most of us like a disease, my fellow students at IBAGrads and also the seniors who were from IBAGrads helped me adjust more quickly in the seemingly hostile environment. I have never regretted the fact that I was and will always be a part of the IBAGrads family.


Shan e Ahmed


Current student of LUMS

Batch of 2014

Danish Abbas - LUMS

Some people dream of getting in IBA or LUMS, I wasn't one of them. I had this misconception in mind that places like IBA or LUMS are for the students who are school or college toppers, I wasn't one of them either. However, later I found out that this wasn't true its just a matter of right timing and dedication on both sides of the coin (i.e. you and your aptitude test training center)


I started my preparation with the 2nd batch at IBAGRADS; which commenced in Early October. Starting early helps! It provides you ample time to prepare for the aptitude test and then work hard on your board exams.


Trying on my luck I sat for LUMS entry test(LCAT), on 2nd march 2008, quite sure that i won`t make it since I had just prepared for IBA but one of my instructors once said "If you get the base right the building is never going to fall" that's what happened. I was able to do well in LCAT because the material I had covered at I IBAGRADS was very comprehensive. Soon the challenge for which I had done all the hard work was there: the IBA entry test. I was confident about this one because of the extensive hard work that I had put. I did well in this test as well.


When the results were announced,  I made it to both IBA and LUMS.


Danish Abbas

Student- Bsc Honors (Economics) 2012
Lahore University of Management Sciences

Mansoor Akber Dars - LUMS

Being a Luminite and getting into ACF programme was my dream. Though with time it began to seem that it was not as easy as it seemed. I had no clue where to start my preparation for the LCAT. At that time IBAGRADS served as a guide to lead me to LUMS. I joined IBAGRADS in November and three months were enough to turn my dream into a reality. Although O level and AS level grades matter a lot in your admission for LUMS but LCAT has its own importance and IBAGRADS helped me achieving a decent score in that. Success never comes without any price, it is the result of hard work, courage and will. If you have a dream and you have a perfect guide then hardwork & strict follow of teachers guides for just 3 months will surely lead to wherever you want to without any hinderances.


Mansoor Akber Dars

BSc Accounting and finance (Batch of 2015)

Lahore University of Management Sciences

Waqas Rehmat - LUMS

Being an alumnus of IBA Grads, I can proudly claim that this is an institution for those who want something out of their life. IBAGRADS is equipped with capability to take you to what you want for yourself. Professional counselling and qualified teaching is what makes IBAGRADS a unique institution. Being a student of F.s.c system, I knew that getting into lums won't be a piece of cake for me but IBAGRADS made it possible. Rigorous study and intense course material gives the confidence of appearing in the test.



Waqas Rehmat

Student of BSc (Hons) Economics

Lahore University of Management Sciences.