What NUST Students say about IBAGrads

Syed Osama Bin Talib Nust 2015

My experienced at IBAGRADS turned out to be crucial to my admission at Nust. Transition from a college to a well-ruputed national university, especially for A-Levels students, is such a sensitive and critical part in life. The gravity of the choice that a student faces through his period cannot be understated.

At IBAGRADS, the teaching style and communication abilities of the teachers are very good. Plus, weekly revision tests and grand tests helped enormously in preparation. The educational material was very much like the actual test at NUST. I would like to suggest you to choose IBAGRADS. You'll not regret INSHA ALLAH. I believe that IBAGRADS offers is irreplaceable throughout Karachi.


Syed Osama Bin Talid
NUST 2015

Humza Ahmed Abbasi Nust-Giki & Pieas 2015

I HUMZA AHMED ABBASI a student of A-Level would highly recommend ECAT from IBAGRADS to anyone hoping to secure admission in prestigious engineering universities like PIEAS GIKI and NUST. I am fully aware of the difficulties faced by A-Level students when applying for engineering universities and could consider IBAGRADS an ideal place for achieving your goals. IBAGRADS not only helped me in getting admission in PIEAS NUST and GIKI but also helped me in A-Level as well.


Arif Mehmood Zaman Nust 2015

Bismillah ir rahman ur raheem. I am an ex IBAGRADS student and currently i am studying mechanical engineering in NUST. IBAGRADS proved to be the bridge between my college and my univeristy. Their timely test, punctuality and precision not only helped me ace the NET but also taught me how to manange between inter studies and ECAT. The class had 20 students max and allowed individual attention which was very important for my journey to NUST. Anyone hoping to ace NET, GIK test and PIEAS test should take my advice and join the first batches to avail maximum benefits and attention.


NUST 2015

Ammad Yousuf Tariq Nust-Gik & Ist 2015

I am a Student with an A-Level background which was somewhat a disadvantage for me as i wanted to get in NUST or GIKI for mechanical engineering which have their entry tests based on Federal Board Curriculum. IBAGRADS helped me over come this disadvantage, thanks to it's experienced faculty and routinely tests based on the entry test pattern of the respective universities. Now i am doing Mechanical Engineering in NUST and also managed to get in GIKI and IST thanks to IBAGRADS.

NUST, GIK and IST 2015

Abdul Saboor Nust-Fast-Ned & Ist 2015

To get a great experience of 6 months at IBAGRADS. The dedicated faculty helps you to counter your weakness of your core subjects and is indeed a gateway to the best universities of Pakistan. So do not miss a golden chance which may regret and get yourself enrolled in this respected institution as soon as possible


Jahangir Younus Nust 2014

When i decided to join IBAGRADS during my 2nd year, this simultaneous study-plan of mine was condemned by many. However, I kept my faith in IBAGRADS and never had to regret the decision in retrospect. This Institution provide the surge needed in our potential which is an integral part of the Admission Criteria set by the top Universities of Pakistan. There is not even a modicum of doubt that IBAGRADS is one of the best institutions for Aptitude Test Preparation and indeed is the gateway to our future.

NUST 2014


IBAGRADS has made my dreams come true. The teachers were sincere, devoted, passionate, friendly, most importantly well qualified and guided me through all the hard phases which came through my studies, It was their motivation which made me clear all the tests of the top ranked universities of Pakistan. I applied for PIEAS, NUST and GIKI & with the grace of ALLAH (swt) and by the hard work of my teachers on me i cleared all of them with flying colours. I believe that if there are such institutions like IBAGRADS then every student can make his/her dreams come true.

PIEAS, NUST & GIK Test 2014

Sachin Karmani NUST,FAST & NED Test 2015

IBAGRADS has been a great experience and it helped me in progressing to a better stage. It is an excellent institute for any test preparation and is always helpful to the students.


NUST,FAST & NED Test 2015

Syed Abeer NUST, GIK & FAST 2015


I am former student of IBAGRADS currently doing mechanical engineering from GIKI. I have done A-Levels and by my new experience i can tell you that joining IBAGRADS was very beneficial for me in getting admission into NUST Islamabad, GIKI and FAST Islamabad. At IBAGRADS they prepare you in such a manner which cannot be done at home, with regular tests which are of actual university test based format. I would suggest any students preparing for entry test to join early so that you can prepare for it before hand. Best of Luck everyone.

NUST, GIK & FAST Test 2015

Syed M.Abdullah, NUST 2013

My experience here was amazing for my learning. A lot of my questions, misconceptions got cleared here. The teachers are very cooperative and helped me a lot. Stuff I learned here helped me a lot to get through the test.

Bushra Noor

Agha Khan Higher Secondary School

IBA Round1 2018 

Khurram Raza - NUST B.E.

Getting into a best engineering university was my dream. I had started my preparation of Engineering College Apptitude Test(ECAT) in Nov-Dec, 2010. First I was little bit confuse that if I started the preparation earlier, then my inter studies would be disturb. But then I realized that by joining IBAGRADS my ECAT preparation will also be done, and I'll also get the help regarding my intermediate course. Rather, my concepts will be more clear.

I joined the IBAGRADS ECAT full-length course in November, 2010. Then I took a break from March to May 2011 for my intermediate preparation. After my intermediate exams, I rejoined the IBAGRADS for revision of the course and for passing the test. And now, by the grace of Almighty Allah, I am doing ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING from National University of Sciences and Technology(NUST). If I hadn't started the preparation earlier, then it will be difficult to pass the entrance exam of NUST (B.E Program).

National University of Sciences and Technology(NUST),
B.E Electrical.

Syed Jasim Ali - NUST

Having heard all the hearsays that crash classes are not helpful, I still went to IBAGRADS for a crash course. The very first class made it quite clear that the major thing to fight in the aptitude test is time and to save time our math’s teacher had lots and lots of time-saving shortcuts to offer.


Experience at IBA grads was a feverish one, 4 hours long classes were tiresome to give ear to but were surely of use because by the end of the course, we were pretty confident about our success at the test. I liked the proficiency of our English teacher. By the end of the course I had memorized over 1000 words of vocabulary but I opine that English must not be worked upon as it has very nominal weight-age in the test.


Key feature of IBAGRADS was small class size. It did create healthy environment and eliminated disturbances in the class. Grand tests were taken regularly which prepared us as to how to manage time in the test and also habituated us with 3 hours long test without gettig exhausted.


Preparation books were relevant and some questions in the NUST entrance test were actually present in our books.


Administration was also supportive, timely informing us about change of schedule and all.


One thing to keep in mind is that you should have positive mindset through out the course and should not be bogged down even if you get low scores in initial tests.


All in all the whole experience was quite good at IBAGRADS we learnt tricks and techniques of all the subjects. Had it not been for IBAGRADS I could not have passed NUST test. Succinct to say that IBAGRADS is one of the finest aptitude test preparation centers in Karachi.



Syed Jasim Ali



Khurrma Raza - NUST

Getting into a top engineering university was my dream. I had started my preparation for Engineering College Apptitude Test (ECAT) in Nov-Dec, 2010 at IBAGRADS. First I was a little confused that if I started the preparation earlier, then my inter studies would get disturbed. But then I realized that by joining IBAGRADS, alongwith ECAT preparation I'd also get help regarding my intermediate course. And my concepts would become clearer.


I joined the IBAGRADS ECAT full-length course in November, 2010. Then I took a break from March to May 2011 for my intermediate preparation. After my intermediate exams, I rejoined the IBAGRADS for revision of the course. And now, by the grace of Almighty Allah, I am enrolled in ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING at National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST). If I hadn't started the preparation earlier, then it would be difficult to pass the entrance exam of NUST (B.E Program).



National University of Sciences and Technology(NUST),


B.E Electrical.