Can AKU-EB help us in getting admission at AKU medical college?
AKU-EB qualifications are aimed at promoting active learning processes with a focus on thinking, investigation and application of knowledge, based on which you should feel confident in appearing in any university entrance test.
How can I get admission at AKU medical college?

All those candidates seeking admission at AKU Medical College will have to sit for an admission test followed by an interview. For further details please visit www.aku.edu/admissions.

Which colleges have accepted AKU-EB candidates after completing their SSC Examinations?
Our candidates have been welcomed at a variety of public and private colleges.
Do I need equivalency to apply for admissions in colleges?
No equivalency is required as AKU-EB certificates are treated at par with all other Boards of Secondary and Intermediate Education in Pakistan.
What if I am not satisfied with my examination results?
You can apply for a re-checking of your answer script. The re-checking application form is made available on this website soon after the release of the results.
How will I get my examination results?
Examination results are published on this website but are password protected to ensure complete confidentiality. Hard copies are also forwarded to your school or, for private candidates, your home address.
Where can I find copies of past examination papers?
You can order copies of past papers by downloading the order form available in the printables section on this website.
How do I find out the time table of my examinations?
Examination time tables are published 12 weeks in advance of the examination session. Currently the provisional time table for 2010 is available on this website.
How do I enrol for an examination?

You enrol either through your school or as a private candidate.

Does Aga Khan University Examination Board (AKU-EB) set more difficult examinations?

A. AKU-EB is operating within the national scheme of studies. It would be unfair to its candidates if their efforts after higher quality of thought were rewarded with fewer marks, putting them at a disadvantage in the competition for college places. AKU-EB monitors the rate of return on effort very closely. Candidates are asked to redirect their efforts towards more worthwhile learning. This is not extra effort it is different effort. They are not penalised thereby and in the longer term it is expected that their more worthwhile learning will give them a competitive edge.